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A b o u t

Jann with double "n" ?

Yeap, thats me 🖐

Hi, i am Jann, Freelance Motion Design Artist, based in Hamburg.
My Love is to bring Film and Design together and building a hybrid between 2D and 3D Animation – always with clear focus and strong idea.

In the last 6 years as a motion artist, i worked in different agencies and studios in different disciplines – from post supervising on film sets, green screen and post-production to social media concepts and animations to fully realistic CGI animated image films.
Because film and animation are such powerful and emotional mediums, my work motivates me every day.

Art direction & Concept

for your whole project

Animation in 2D and 3D

For social media, commercials & corporate films

Post production

Video editing, compositing and 2D/3D tracking

Happy tohear from you!

Jann WohlsenMotion Design 2D3D

+49 151 25 20 99 00